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Kết Nối Với Chúng Tôi NGAY HÔM NAY



When the needs of the beneficiaries of the space and the ideas of the creators of the space meet in common, the space becomes a truly livable place.

This is perfectly applied to the Villa Cuu Long project. When the customer’s desire is set: home is not only a place to return to, but also a relaxing place as expensive as life in a 5-star resort, with KaG, it has automatically become a topic. The “nerve challenge” is a lot of fun.

Choosing the minimalist design style, the  problem above  was solved by KaG in a completely reasonable and intelligent way. Minimalism is reflected in minimizing the interior, even more evident in the dominant tropical sand color tone, flowing throughout the space from the outside to the inside, weaving between the unexpected corners, the areas. seperated areas, and condense in points that need to be emphasized with a deep color or a few tones brighter.

The monotony – if any – of minimalism, now, has been thoroughly resolved. One will no longer notice any trace of monotony, because the lighted glass panes are deliberately arranged evenly, creating squares of sunlight dancing on the floor, following a strange geometric dance . It feels like everything in this place is shining bright, without any effort.

The most resort-like space of the villa is probably the terrace area, with a square swimming pool, a nice little play area for children, an afternoon tea corner for adults… And certainly, the green patch of nature flowing in – not only in this expensive relaxation area – but also greening the view of anyone passing by the house, and forcing me to stop a few times. seconds to admire it, even if only from the outside.

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